Model Course 03 Kanzanji Terminal - Seto Port

Kanzanji Terminal - Seto Port

  • about 25km
  • 1 hour 50 min

Kanzanji Terminal

After you leave Kanzanji Terminal, please proceed along Lake Hamana. A little further along, the route moves away from the shore of Lake Hamana, but the road will approach Lake Hamana again after passing the wicket under the Tomei Expressway. The road along Lake Hamana has become a cycling road dedicated to bicycles, so you can enjoy cycling without worrying about pedestrians and cars.

  • 6km
  • 25 min

Ime wild bird coast

At the Ime Wild Bird Coast, you can see a landscape with flocks of wild birds relaxing on the surface of the water, and during winter many migratory birds fly here.

From Ime Wild Bird Coast, as you proceed along the cycling road, you will reach a large red bridge. This is named Miwotsukushi Bridge. It is a bridge for bicycles only, which has been made into a symbol of the Lake Hamana cycling road.

Kiga Barrier

After crossing Miwotsukushi Bridge, you will find the Kiga Sekisho (Kiga Checkpoint). Sekisho were security checkpoints establishe

d for tax collection and inspections at key transportation points. In contemporary terms, they were like the immigration counters at airports. A travel certificate called a tsuko tegata was required, and people who did not have this certificate were not allowed to pass. When you enter inside, there are dolls depicting situations from those times, so you can get a feel for the history of Japan.

The China Zhejiang Friendship Memorial Park is on the way from the Kiga Sekisho to Lake Hamana Service Area. You can take a rest in this park. This park was created in 1982 to commemorate ties of friendship between Shizuoka Prefecture and Zhejiang Province, China. Willows from West Lake in Zhejiang Province have been planted on the shore of Lake Hamana, whose natural beauty resembles that of West Lake.

In a spot facing the cycling road, there is a commemorative monument, and a rest space is located nearby.
In addition, from this park you can see a mi wo tsukushi channel marking post that was built on the river in previous times to serve as a light tower and guidepost indicating shallows. Such channel marking posts are used as the design motif for Miwotsukushi Bridge.

  • 7km
  • 30 min

Lake Hamana Service Area (SA)

Lake Hamana Service Area is a service area on the Tomei Expressway. You can enter without a car and buy special souvenirs of Hamamatsu or have a meal at one of the restaurants. The entrance is right after you climb the hill, so please note that it may be a little difficult to find. Because it is located in a slightly elevated location on the north side of Lake Hamana, after you enter the Service Area, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Hamana.

From Lake Hamana Service Area to Seto Port, the route follows the lakeshore in the Lake Okuhamana area. Since there are places where there are no guardrails, where you travel right along the lakeshore, you can see beautiful scenery if the weather is fine.

  • 9km
  • 40 min

Seto Port

From Seto Port, you can see the only gravel island in Lake Hamana, called Tsubutejima Island. This location, with its views of Tsubute Island, is also a scenic spot. From Seto Port, you can travel to Kanzanji Port by ferry.

You can also possible board the ferry with your bicycle.