Model Course 02 Bentenjima Terminal - Kanzanji Terminal

Bentenjima Terminal - Kanzanji Terminal

  • about 16km
  • 1 hour 25 min

Bentenjima Terminal

You can go to Lake Hamana Garden Park after you leave Bentenjima Terminal. On the way, there are some viewpoints where you can see beautiful sights of Lake Hamana.

Lake Hamana Garden Park

Lake Hamana Garden Park is a large, 56-hectare park. It was originally the site of the 2004 Lake Hamana Flower Exposition and was subsequently developed into a public park. There is a cycling road on its vast grounds, which you can use to tour the park's sights by bicycle.

The Murakushi Rest Area is approximately 10 minutes from Lake Hamana Garden Park. It is equipped with bicycle stands and restrooms, and you can take a break here.

A bicycle-only road links Murakushi Rest Area with Kanzanji. You can use this road to travel along the lakeshore without worrying about cars, and it there are many spots that have beautiful views of the lake.

Be careful, because lake water may splash onto the road during high winds.

  • 10km
  • 60 min

Ookusayama observatory

At the exit of the Kanzanji Onsen Town , as you advance toward the shore of the lake, there is a pier for sightseeing boats. (You can travel to the other shore of Lake Hamana and to Mikkabi Town on a sightseeing boat, bringing your bicycle on board with you.)

Hamamatsu City Zoo is further on past the pier for sightseeing boats. At Hamamatsu City Zoo, you can see over 120 species of animals. In addition, Hamamatsu City Zoo is the only place in Japan where you can see a species of monkey called a Golden Lion Tamarin, which is listed as an endangered species.

As you go north from the Zoo, you can head toward Mt. Okusa. From the Mt. Okusa Observatory, you can enjoy an extensive view of the beautiful Lake Hamana scenery. When the weather is fine, it is possible to see Mt. Fuji.

  • 2km
  • 10 min

Kanzanji Terminal

After enjoying the scenery from Mt. Okusa, how about going back to the Kanzanji Onsen Town?
Kanzanji Onsen has been selected as one of Japan's 100 most famous onsen. In Kanzanji town, there are many inns where you can bathe in an onsen. Because daytime (non-overnight) onsen visits are also available, you can stop and bathe in an onsen even during cycling.

The Hamamatsu Flower Park and the Pal-Pal Amusement Park are also nearby.