What kind of city is Hamamatsu?

Hamamatsu City is located at the middle point between the two largest cities of Japan, Tokyo and Osaka. Hamamatsu is also conveniently located approximately in the middle even looking at the entire Japan, which supports the vibrant industry of the city.

It is facing the Pacific Ocean to the South. There are mountains in the North, Lake Hamana in the West, and Tenryu River, the main river, in the East. Being surrounded on four sides by ocean, river, mountain, and lake, it is possible to enjoy a variety of seasonal scenery.

Hamamatsu City is the city with the longest period of sunlight and a warm climate in Japan. Having a large production of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, it is also one of the leading cities for agriculture in Japan.

Hamamatsu City is also known as the "city of manufacturing".
Even at present, there is the main plant of Suzuki Motors. The founder of Honda car manufacturer, Soichiro Honda, is also from Hamamatsu.

In addition, with Yamaha, Kawai, and Roland, it is a worldwide center for the production of musical instruments.
Because of all these, many events are held in Hamamatsu, such as brass band competitions, International Piano Competition or Hamamatsu World Youth Choir Festival, events ranging from international scale to concerts using instruments hand-made by citizens.

A lot of local products can also be found in Hamamatsu.
Hamamatsu is well-known by many people in Japan thanks to "Lake Hamana eel", "mandarins", "Enshu tiger fugu (blowfish)", "turtles", and "Hamamatsu gyoza".

From a historical point of view, the shogun who opened the Edo era, Tokugawa Ieyasu, is also very famous.
Since he was 29 years old, for 17 years, Ieyasu had his castle at Hamamatsu Castle. Ieyasu went out into the world from Hamamatsu and, in the end, he became considered as a descendent from Heavens.
After Ieyasu left, thanks to their strong relationship with Ieyasu, hereditary daimyos became lords of Hamamatsu Castle. After becoming the lord of Hamamatsu Castle and the military commander of large armies, it was possible to do his important work during the Edo shogunate. Because of this, Hamamatsu Castle is well-known throughout Japan as the "castle of success".

Hamamatsu is also visited by many tourists for leisure because it is surrounded by sea, mountains, river, and lake.
Kanzanji Hot spring (onsen) is a famous hot spring that attracts customers from Tokyo and Osaka. In addition, the area around Lake Hamana is not only known as a Mecca of fishing, but it is also a popular leisure spot to enjoy water sports by boats, yachts, windsurfing or parasailing. In recent years, many cyclists also visited Hamamatsu to enjoy the scenery of Lake Hamana.

Every year, on May 3rd, 4th, and 5th, for 3 days, Hamamatsu Festival is held.
During the daytime, at Nakatajima sand dunes, a battle takes place between large kites raised in the sky. During the evenings, near the station area, lots of people from different towns walk while pulling beautiful stalls (carriages).

When I go cycling at Lake Hamana, what should I take care of?

We want you to enjoy cycling because it is a valuable activity.
For that, please obey by all means the traffic rules when you ride a bicycle.

In addition, in Japan bicycles are treated as vehicles, the same way as cars.
Basically, the traffic rules are the same as for cars. Please ride your bicycle on the roadway when there are no designated lanes.

During winter, wind is very strong in Hamamatsu.
In particular on the road along the shores of Lake Hamana gusts may blow, so please take care while riding/driving.


How to proceed in case I want to rent a rental bicycle?

In case you want to rent a bicycle in Hamamatsu, you can rent at 7 Aid Stations and 2 bicycle shops.
At aid stations and at bicycle shops, you will need to present some identification document, such as an ID card, passport, driving license or student card.

Since the types of bicycles available for rental and the rates are different in different places, please confirm by checking the bicycle rental shop’s page.

Rental Bike

How should I proceed in case of emergency, such as malfunction or accident?

If you have been involved in an accident, please call the police immediately.
In addition, you may also call an ambulance in case you have been hurt.

If the bicycle broke down, it is possible to have it transported into the city at a bicycle shop for repairs.
Please contact Entetsu taxi to carry the bicycle. Entetsu Taxi now offers a small-size taxi called UD taxi in which it is possible to also place your bicycle.

At the time of trouble, please move to a spot marked on the cycling map. Since the spots are indicated by numbers, please tell that number when you make the phone call.

Hamamatsu Central Police Station : 053-475-0110

Hamamatsu City Fire Station : 053-475-0119

Entetsu Taxi : 053-412-7777

How to proceed if I want to know more information about what there is to see and do in Hamamatsu?

Inside the Hamamatsu Station, there is the Hamamatsu City Tourist Information Center.
At the Hamamatsu City Tourist Information Center, there are brochures containing touristic information in different languages, as well as staff able to speak foreign languages.
You are always welcome to visit us.

Hamamatsu Information Center