Tourism, Accommodation, Gourmet, and Shopping in Hamamatsu and Lake Hamana Areas

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There are various types of accommodations available in Japan.
Here are hotels and inns in the Hamamatsu and the Lake Hamana areas.

Near Hamamatsu Station

mostly standard hotels and budget hotels

With JR Hamamatsu Station serving as a gate to the city, the area surrounding the station is the busiest area with a large variety of shopping venues and eateries. Many standard hotels and budget hotels are available in this area to accommodate people traveling to the city for pleasure, on business or for conventions.

Lake Hamana Area

mostly hotels and inns near tourist sites

Kanzanji Onsen: A hot spring resort area opened in 1958. Since the opening, visitors have come from all over the country to the best hot spring town around Lake Hamana. There are many fun places to visit in this area, like the botanical garden, the zoo, and the amusement park. By the lakeside stand hotels and Japanese style inns, many of which offer outdoor hot spring baths where guests can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Hamana while relaxing in a hot tub.

Bentenjima Onsen: Hot spring resort overlooking the picturesque “Imagireguchi”, the opening that connects Lake Hamana and the Pacific Ocean. A red Shinto gate called “torii” standing in the lake water is the symbol of the area. Families visiting Bentenjima can enjoy a day on the beach, swimming, gathering clams, fishing, and other coastal activities. There are many affordable hotels and minshuku guest houses.

Mikkabi Onsen: Lake Inohana, which is connected to Lake Hamana by a waterway called “Seto”. Visitors can enjoy natural hot spring at lake-side hotels. In addition to resort hotels, you can find Japanese-style inns called “ryokan” and Japanese- and western-style guest houses. The lake is very scenic, and you will enjoy picturesque views of the red suspension bridge over Seto, and the rock formations which seem to float on the lake’s surface.

There are many different styles of accommodations are available. Visitors can select one suited for their purpose of visit and budget.

Standard Western-style Hotels

Standard western-style hotels with modern facilities, mostly found near Hamamatsu Station, are usually equipped with restaurants and banquet rooms to host events like wedding receptions and seminars. It is the perfect accommodation for those who place great importance on easy access, elegant atmosphere, and hotel services accommodating international visitors.

Budget hotels, or “Business Hotels”

There are many budget hotels near train stations, especially Hamamatsu Station. This type of hotel is relatively small and offers affordable accommodations for its business and budget travelers. Many hotels offer internet access in their guest rooms. Budget hotels mostly offer single rooms and are recommended for people traveling alone.

Japanese-style inn, or “ryokan”

Japanese-style inns are often found near tourist venues. The guest rooms are usually traditional Japanese style with tatami mats, offering a genuine Japanese atmosphere. Accommodation often includes dinner and breakfast. Ryokan’s main clientele is couples, friends, and families traveling together, so the rate is relatively high if you are to stay alone. Japanese inns located near tourist venues are also often equipped with large common bathing areas or outdoor bathes.

Japanese-style Guest Houses, or “minshuku”

The facilities at family-run minshuku guest houses are small and simple, but they offer a warm family atmosphere and home-made cooking using local ingredients. Guest houses are mostly found near tourist venues.