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Whether you want to shop for souvenirs or unique local products, appliances or specialty goods, Hamamatsu offers a variety of shopping venues; small boutiques, department stores, electronics and appliances retailers, and shopping malls.

Downtown Hamamatsu

Downtown Hamamatsu offers a variety of shopping venues.

May One and Ekimachi at JR Hamamatsu Station are always bustling with locals and visitors using the station. At these convenient shopping venues, you can find specialty stores and boutiques, restaurants, souvenir shops, stores specializing in local products, and much more.
Stepping outside Hamamatsu Station, you will find Entetsu Department Store and a discount appliance store. If you walk a few blocks further to Kajimachi Street, there is Zaza City, a shopping mall with a multiplex. One of the busiest areas is along Yurakugai Street and Sakanamachi Street, where you will find rows of intimate boutiques as well as bars and restaurants.
To the east of JR Hamamatsu Station stands Act City and Act Tower. Here you will find a hotel, shops, concert halls, and the Congress Center, serving the various needs of locals and visitors alike.

Suburbs of Hamamatsu

In Hamamatsu City, with its population of more than 800 thousand, there are large shopping malls in Nishi Ward, Higashi Ward, and Hamakita Ward. The number of large stores, such as electronics and appliance retailers, furniture stores, and home improvement retailers, is increasing each year, attracting more and more shoppers.