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Home to some of the world’s leading companies, Hamamatsu City is the town of monozukuri., or creative manufacturing. The city was once known for musical instrument manufacturing and now it is attracting attention as the town of music.

Bordered by Tenryu River to the east, Lake Hamana to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Southern Alps to the north, Hamamatsu is blessed with a variety of landscapes and a moderate climate. Strategically located at the center of Japan, half way between Tokyo and Osaka, Hamamatsu has enjoyed the benefits of industrial growth and visitor development.
Hamamatsu is a city of “monozukuri”, or creative manufacturing. Some of the world’s leading companies are located here. People in this area traditionally embrace the spirit of challenge, which has cultivated the creative culture that produced many innovators and innovative technologies. The city’s development has been built upon three major industries; motorcycles, musical instruments, and textiles. In recent years, Hamamatsu has also seen strong growth in high-tech industries like optics and electronics, and these local industries are now competing in the global market.
Hamamatsu is also a popular tourist destination that offers a variety of places of interests, attracting many visitors from around Japan.

Yaramaika Spirit

“Yaramaika” is a Hamamatsu dialect for “Let’s give it a try”. The spirit of yaramaika is a very positive attitude that welcomes challenges and is the foundation of the city’s creative culture which has produced innovators and innovative technologies.

City of Music

World-class musical instrument manufactures like Yamaha, Kawai, and Roland are located in Hamamatsu and have helped the city establish its name as a city of musical instrument manufacturing. In recent years, Hamamatsu has actively organized musical events, such as the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition. These events promote cultural exchange for people within and outside Japan and helped Hamamatsu to become one of Japan’s leading cities of music culture. Hamamatsu’s effort does not stop in concert halls; pedestrians often enjoy live music on city streets, lending a lively cultural atmosphere to the city.

City of Flowers and Greenery

Hamamatsu is a major producer of flowers and has the highest production volume of gerbera daisies in Japan. Gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, sweet peas, freesia, and various other flowers are grown in the Lake Hamana area. Hamamatsu is not just a major producer of flowers. In places like the Hamamatsu Flower Park and the Hamanako Garden Park -- which was the venue for the Pacific Flora 2004 event and reopened as a park -- you can enjoy seasonal flowers as well as various events throughout the year.