Tourism, Accommodation, Gourmet, and Shopping in Hamamatsu and Lake Hamana Areas

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Enjoy Hamamatsu

This page introduces you to recommended places to visit for cultural and historical experiences as well as dining, sightseeing, and shopping. Visit Hamamatsu, where you can enjoy a wide variety of exciting places to visit, from beautiful outdoor locations to interesting museums and historical sites.

  • Culture

    Home to some of the world’s leading companies, Hamamatsu City is the town of monozukuri., or creative manufacturing. The city was once known for musical instrument manufacturing and now it is attracting attention as the town of music.

  • History

    Hamamatsu and its surrounding areas thrived along the old Tokaido, the main road which for centuries has connected Tokyo and Kyoto. Today there still stands many cultural properties showing this historical legacy. Hamamatsu Castle, built by Tokugawa Ieyasu, should not be missed.

  • Gourmet

    Thanks to the blessed natural landscape, an abundance of fresh and delicious foods from the land and the see are available in Hamamatsu.

  • Sightseeing

    This page takes you to a number of places where you can discover Hamamatsu, from the Downtown Hamamatsu area to the Lake Hamana and Hokuen areas that are rich in natural landscapes.

  • Shopping

    Whether you want to shop for souvenirs or unique local products, appliances or specialty goods, Hamamatsu offers a variety of shopping venues; small boutiques, department stores, electronics and appliances retailers, and shopping malls.