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Access to Hamamatsu City from Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport and Chubu Centrair International Airport.

Access to Hamamatsu City

By Train

Tokaido Shinkansen Line

From Osaka 83 min. by Hikari, 116 min. by Kodama
From Nagoya 29 min. by Hikari, 46 min. by Kodama
From Shizuoka 27 min. by Kodama
From Tokyo 89 min. by Hikari, 120 min. by Kodama

By Car

Meishin and Tomei Expressway

From Osaka Toyonaka I.C. to Hamamatsu Nishi I.C. 282 km
From Tokyo I.C. to Hamamatsu I.C. 230 km

By Long-distance Bus

Tomei Highway Bus

From Tokyo Station to Hamamatsu Station
4 hr. 13 min. (day), 6 hr. 25 min. (night)
From Tokyo Station to Tomei Hamamatsu Kita Bus Stop
3 hr. 43 min. (day)
From Shinjuku Nishiguchi to Hamamatsu Station
4 hr. 12 min. (day)
From Osaka Station to Tomei Hamamatsu Kita Bus Stop
4 hr. 32 min. (day)
From Sannomiya Bus Terminal (Kobe) to Hamamatsu Station
7 hr. 45 min. (night),
(5 hr. 35 min. from Kyoto Station, 6 hr. 40 min. from Osaka Station)
※The travel time indicates the shortest duration.
From Yokohama Station to Hamamatsu Station
3 hr. 45 min.

Access from Airports


From Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport

By car (via expressway)
Sagara Makinohara I.C.
Hamamatsu I.C., approx. 20 min. (approx. 33 km)
By bus (“E-wing” bus by Entetsu)
Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
Hamamatsu Station, approx. 70 min. (Fare: \1,200)

From Chubu Centrair International Airport

By car (via expressway)
Centrair Higashi I.C.
Hamamatsu I.C., approx. 1 hr. 20 min. (approx. 112 km)
By bus (“E-wing” bus by Entetsu)
Chubu International Airport
Hamamatsu Station, approx. 120 min. (Fare: \3,000)

From Narita Airport

Narita Airport
Shinagawa (by Narita Express), 68 min.
Hamamatsu (by Shinkansen), approx. 80 min.

From Kansai Airport

Kansai Airport
Shin-Osaka (by limited express train), approx. 50 min.
Shin Osaka
Hamamatsu (by Shinkansen), approx. 80 min.

From Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport
Shin Yokohama (by bus), approx. 40 min.
Shin Yokohama
Hamamatsu (by Shinkansen), approx. 70 min.

Transportation within Hamamatsu

City bus lines

The local bus lines are not only convenient transportation for residents but also an inexpensive means to access points of interests in the suburbs.
Information on bus routes is available at the bus terminal information center.

Circulation Bus “Ku-ru-ru”

Circulation Bus “Ku-ru-ru”

Red buses are routing through downtown Hamamatsu.
The “Ku-ru-ru” bus stops at destinations like City Hall, the central library, and the Museum of Musical Instrument and is an inexpensive and convenient way to get around downtown Hamamatsu. The bus operates from 10 am to 6 pm, at intervals of 15 to 30 minutes. Bus fare is 100 yen for adults. One day pass is also available at 200 yen for adults.


Taxies are convenient for short distances.
There are taxi stands at the north and south exits of JR Hamamatsu Station. Sightseeing taxies are also available and offer different sightseeing routes. These sightseeing taxies can accommodate to your schedule and are suited for those who like to spend plenty of time at each destination.